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Gosh, this tank looks weird without hardscape. Took it out to kill of the BBA that was covering it, and I was successful after boiling everything and scrubbing, wood looks brand new now :P However, I won't add it back into the tank until I've got moss, anubias, fern, and whatever else I want to tie to the wood.

However, the rainbows have decided to become super colorful with the change in location, and have been lip locking and just very fun to observe. They leave the gourami's alone though.

Still gotta get rid of the big endli though, I added some plants into this tank for now but I won't really get anything going the way it should until he is gone.

Going to use those pics to show him off as I try and sell him to someone in the area. Full tank shot is the best I can do as far as giving a reference for his size, he's a nice 15" though (hard to take a pic with the tap measure and have it be readable and have the fish stay still :S)

Anyone seeing this that is local to me (I'm on Long Island, just east of Queens) send me a message if you are interested or know someone that is interested. I'll talk price and such elsewhere :P

Anyways, as far as the tank is concerned, I just want to get the plants going and put in a nice order with h4n (again) and get everything I want (or as much of it as I can) in one go. This tank will look amazing before summer's end.

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