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13 Stones PT2

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This is part 2 to this journal:
13 Stones-Now Defunct, PT2 link up top

Basically I am trying to follow the same ideas as the last tank but adding a few things. It will have a mixed foreground vs just HC and I am trying out Glosso as the main foreground plant instead. I may go back to HC, I have used HC many times and like it but wanted a change of pace. I may also go with belem instead which was my original goal on my first of many rock scapes.

I believe I have shot myself in the foot on all my last iterations of this by not rinsing my well used substrate. I found I got BGA really badly and every time I added just the slightest amount of new substrate, I would get another BGA outbreak. I also think I had a really high amount of organic matter which caused issues. I would have replaced the substrate but had success on another tank just bleaching it and rinsing like crazy so I hope it will do the same.

My real goal here is just to achieve my goals. I am going to try to use less light and just have a lot more TLC going on. I also plan to do my best to not let neglect get in the way.

From my last journal
Standard 20 Long (top de-rimmed)
Eheim 2215 w 2217 impeller
Aquaticlife T5HO fixture (24x4) ((overkill))
Petco stand
Coralife UV Sterilizer
Fountain pump autodoser (not setup yet)
Heater (need an inline but don't know how to plumb it in yet, stand is weird).
5lb CO2 tank
Beverage regulator w/ Fabco needle valve
GLA inline diffuser

-Micro Sword
-Dwarf Hairgrass
-HC (in small amounts)
-Plan to add Fissidens and possibly Marsilea crenata (4 leaf clover)

Starting point. Sorry, doesn't photograph well in daytime. Not totally clean. Also added some Bacter 100 for the first time without knowing it would look like that. Will get more pics soon.

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