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I made it by on Sunday. As has been said, they haven't quite finished setting up, but it looks like the tanks not set-up yet are either in the salt water section or a section of the store that looks like it will be for pond type fish.

The place looks huge from the outside, but when you get in you realize that the far left side of the store is a huge display area that shows off some large custom tanks they have created (salt and fresh water). I presume a decent percentage of their income comes from the creation and maintenance of these types of high dollar tanks so it makes sense that they would have a display area in the store to advertise them.

Another smaller section on the right hand side of the store has 2 large plant tanks in the middle and then the tanks on the surrounding walls look like they will house pond type fish. The plant tanks look great, but other than the crypts and swords in the very front, nothing else is labeled. They had several stem plants to choose from (even some with nice red color), but I won't buy fish or plants without being able to do a quick google search to ensure they will work in my tank environment. I should have asked to see if any of the employees knew the names of the plants, but was in a bit of a hurry. Pricing is $9.95 for potted stems. Most groups looked to include at least 5 stems so that seems reasonable. One interesting thing in this room is a tank that looked to be 10 or 12 feet long and has 2 built in domes on the bottom for kids to poke their heads into and look around inside the tank. My 4yr old daughter thought this was the greatest thing ever.

The main fish section seems pretty small. One long row (2 sides) of community freshwater fish, a short section of more exotic stuff like discus and another long row of mostly cichlids. Most tanks had just 1 species of fish in it, but from talking with one of the employees it sounded like they had just ordered enough to get something in each tank for the opening and would be getting more livestock in through the coming weeks.

Livestock pricing seemed reasonable, but supplies seemed high to me. I expect they are similar to Aquatek in that regard though. Maybe they had extra staff for the opening weekend, but at least 3 different people (who all seemed very friendly) asked if we needed help. Nothing like that has ever happened while shopping at any other LFS.

Overall I was pleased and plan to go back in a couple weeks to check out the livestock inventory and see if the plants are labeled and still healthy.
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