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Smile APB royal blue tigers

This post is in regard to the royal blue shrimp advertised on your site as follows:

Royal Blues (3)
Price: $99.00

Product Description
Royal Blue shrimp have been pretty hard to come by. They have been crossed with black tigers and orange eye blue tigers and crossed back a few times where they breed true and have this coloring like no other shrimp.""""""

- I am newbie to the hobby and this forum/community and was hoping to see if my understanding of this strain was 100% correct, since I am in awe of these guys and looking to spend hundreds if not over a thousand dollars to purćase them alone (without cost of tank, setup, time, etc). I know I have sent numerous emails that were promptly and kindly answered but have been hearing a lot of conflicting info from others lately..... Like I said I am a newbie I just want to know if this is a strain of its own and if I was to buy 10-50 of them an they breed.... The offspring will ALL look like the adult in the website picture ? I can understand a variety of hues from almost black to very light blue but mainly I wanted to know of that's all the variation there would be and its not like the OEBT, which produces totally different phenotypes from both blue parents (ie. blondes). Thanks for your time and any/all input is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

David Polur
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