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Hi everyone. I am from Warsaw and just found this thread. I have had an aquarium or two, or three....for several years. I breed Bettas at one time also, still have the barracks that I am willing to sell in case anybody is interested in it.

My husband bought me a 75 gallon tank for Christmas when Petco had their $1 per gallon sale.

I am currently in the process of getting an aquascape plan from to put into it. I have pressurized C02 but haven't used it for quite some time, but I will be starting it back up again with this tank. I will be also using PPS Pro as a dosing regimen. I am using a Rena Filstar XP2 canister filter, a Marineland 36-48" LED light, and a Aqueon 48" T5 light fixture with a 28w 6700K and a 28w Colormax light bulb. The lights are on a timer for 10-12 hours a day.

So here is a picture of my tank as it is right now.

It currently houses:

2 juvenile angel fish
1 red wag platy
6 harlequin raspbora
6 Glolight tetra
1 Dwarf African frog
2 Cardinal tetra
1 Oto
2 Ghost shrimp
1 6" Pleco, would like to find him a new home
1 6" Algae, would like to find him a new home as well.
14 juvenile Mollies, have lots more in a 20L with parents

I will post another picture once I get the aquascape plan set up.


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