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no. this one didn't crash , instead, it just has been stagnant.

the tank is a Regent Galaxy 5 [gallon], or, as i like to call it, a wolf in sheep's clothing...tehehe. just kidding. it's made by marineland supposedly. i've read it somewhere online. the filtration system is the standard marineland with the biowheel, however, i most probably will remove this once i get some plants in. lighting, i believe, is an 8 watt flourescent, though it's been a year since i purchased so i've forgotten. visitherm heater set at 78 degrees F.

because it is situated at the head of my bed, and i may want to view it from the back, i may not put a background on it

i've kept some of the original sand in there, and mixed in some cultured gravel. turns out that it looks a bit crappy, but i can live with it. and the piece of driftwood that was mentioned in my other post ( is now in here. as soon as the plants arrive in the mail, there will be some green in the tank!

and after plants, comes the fish...

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