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Hi everyone

Background Black... and White

Here now a year since I was not busy I of the project, I had left it as is with the potted plant and root driftwood. It functioned since without lighting (there was no need), just the water filtration. However the sun fact gradually grow algae on the sand.

I was not very happy at first to see the sandy dirty, so I put a Snail "Neritina Coromandeliana" and two small shrimp "White Pearl" which henceforth maintain the windows and sand. (It certainly will take more shrimp for algae, but it will come).

Over time I got used to see the sand like that, and I decided not to clean with its irregularities, it has become even more natural. This aspect is not to displease me altogether!

I resumed work by changing the black background already installed, I wanted to switch sometimes black, sometimes white ... Cruel dilemma, so I finally make a slide on each side of the bottom to accommodate a plate of white foam board and black on each side. So I just have to pull the plate and simply return it to completely change its appearance.

It almost seems the terrascaping seen like that ... But it will not remain empty for a long time

The water level dropped by half in one year through evaporation.
The plant have not been watered once, she is perfectly satisfied the 90% humidity that prevailed inside.

I put a piece of foam on the driftwood, it has gradually spread.

The central LED was grilled and through tests, I will have to change.

The snail Neritina Coromandeliana and White Pearl Shrimp cleaning the floor.

Next steps: Creation of rocky scenery.

Following soon.

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