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I haven't jumped over to led myself yet but I am looking forward to it. I have been holding back for more positive results. More and more planted tankers are wanting to go led so the manufacturers are now making them for plant environment. Everyone here speaks highly of the Finnex Ray 2, the choice I was looking into for my builds. The positives here assure me that its a good investment. The price is fairly reasonable compared to majority of the leds on the market. I am sold.

Not looking at the price, led's seem like the way to go. They are slowly taking over lighting needs for much of the industries we deal with today. Considering the disadvantages of other lighting, you pretty much have. In the case of my intended builds, I will only have so many watts available between the two circuits my tanks will be on. Between 7 tanks I will need 10 light fixtures. It would be impossible to run my build using T5's, T8's or PC. I would have to decrease the number of tanks I can run, not cool. I think in 3-5 years led's will really take over in this hobby. They give great return for the money. Low heat, lower energy consumption and extended life, I can't complain.

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