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Fishtown USA visit- A+ on livestock

Sorry to get off the Win topic but...

I went to fishtown USA on Northern Blvd. on Sunday afternoon and I loved it.

The plants were not so hot, limited varieties and very expensive, BUT

I give them an A+ for livestock. Everything looks extremely healthy, and was very reasonable. I bought bamboo shrimp for $4.75 ($7 at my LFS) and they had beautiful rainbows- big adult male rainbows between $3.99 and $9.99- Bosemani, new ginea, australian, preaecox, and two others- which I thought extremely reasonable as they are $10-$18 at my local places and aren't this big and healthy. They also had very nice 2-3" discus for $9.99 - which I was really tempted to pick up... They also had small amano shrimp for $1.99.

Most importantly- eveything looks very healthy and well cared for. The rainbows and shrimp were both eating within minutes of being put in their new tanks and are doing very well.
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