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Not much to currently show or say, but I've been making some small progress so far. I'm starting to hit the BBA pretty hard, started spot dosing H2O2 and I just took out all the rocks and driftwood in this tank so that I can boil and scrub everything tomorrow.

Aside from that, I have come to the conclusion that the endli bichir has to go. Besides making planting this tank incredibly difficult, the fish itself deserves to be in a bigger tank, and even though its my oldest fish (6+ years in my care) it should be elsewhere. I have plans to sell it to a friend with a 275+ gallon hopefully that should be taken care of soon.

Without the big guy in opens the tank up to a lot of stocking options and ideas as far as fish go. But even then, a part of me is wondering if keeping the rainbow cichlids is a good idea as well....I know though that the 6 pearl gourami's and the albino sen are staying with me, they work with plants and they look nice.

I might want some rope fish or a small growing upper jaw bichir to go along with the albino sen, but that's all stuff to think about in the future. I might just focus on getting plants going in here for now.

More updates in the coming days.

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