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I don't think Tacoma's the most stressful place to live, but in it's defense(?) there's a horrendous gang problem there, and a lot of its people have to travel a brutal stretch of Interstate-5 to reach work in Seattle. That's normally a 25-minute drive with no traffic, but you can imagine what it is during rush hour, which is most of daylight hours. And if there's a major pile-up en route, fuggedhaboutit.

Now, I live in Portland, and aside from the dragging economy THERE'S NO WAY we even sniff the top 50 in this poll! I can only surmise that this poll was written by someone from Portland who doesn't want any more out-of-towners to claim some local realty!

And finally, after having lived in L.A. for four years, I can safely say that...

Chicagoans are THE craziest drivers ANYWHERE. I mean, they're bad in L.A., but Chi-Town drivers are hyperaggressive, and to hell with all of the white and yellow lines. If you so much as maintain speed for two seconds rather than accelerate endlessly, the car behind the car behind the car BEHIND the car behind you is passing you on the right. Even if the light not more than 50 feet ahead has been yellow for five seconds.
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