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Hey Lowe!

Let me start off by saying that I love the Finnex brand LED's. Sooner or later I will get some good pictures of my tanks up for the Facebook page. As an electrical engineer, fish lover, and a big proponent of green living, these fixtures are exactly what I am looking for!

With that, I do have some questions:

I was looking to set up a 40g long in the near future (48 inches long) and was trying to decide on if I wanted a Ray2 this time or to get my 4th FugeRay. The tank would be mostly medium light plants (various Crypts, Flame Swords, etc) so my original thought was FugeRay. My only reasoning for Ray2 was because I have been noticing that even in my 10gs, some of my stems plants (Hygrophila Angustifolia, various Rotala) lower leaves aren't getting sufficient lighting from the 10 inch FugeRay. I don't fully blame the FugeRay as my fert and CO2 regime has always been far from consistent. What are your thoughts?

Also, looking to hire any electrical engineers? *wink wink*

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