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Originally Posted by Scorpion
I agree about Austin Jread. One of the main reasons Colo Spgs is that way is because all the military retired personel. Many work part time and make more money form their pensions. The locals get mad or have been mad b/c many employers don't want to pay top dollar unless you are schooled. This town would have a serious adjustment if they pulled all four military installations.
Seems like that anywhere you have a high concentration of old people.... dunno why. I have a friend who grew up in Florida and she said the whole place is EXACTLY like you described Colorado Springs. She said she generally gets better service from younger people.

Austin is a "young city". The average age here is only 29-years-old. That is VERY young considering we've got a city population of 680,000 and a metro population of 1.3 million. I think that most old people are too conservative to live in such an ultra-liberal place I hear that Boulder, CO is like a smaller Austin.
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