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Color Me Blue: Thank you.

spypet: I don't have any experience with other creatures so I don't think it would be fair for me to present them. But if you do and have pictures and experience of those, go ahead and add to the list with descriptions, that's why this is a discussion forum, everyone can share their knowledge.

I challenge you to add your share to this thread. And it applies to everyone else too. If something is missing, add it. I live in cold, cold Finland with not as much exotic creatures as you guys have there.

I can add mosquito larvae to the list since I do have pictures of those. I've never had dragonfly larvae. Daphnia all look alike so they are good enough to be presented as one. Plant worms? Food worms? What are they? Brine shrimp are food, so they don't belong to this list, but I think that why you added it between the ().

Wasserpest: Thanks. I took the springtail picture with my Canon EOS 350D and 60mm macro lens. Others are mostly taken with my P&S with close-up lens.

- Satu

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