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It is fun to read about other people's experiences when shopping!

Let me know if anyone else out there has similar experiences regularly:

The best part of going into a store in our area of the country (George, Bubba) are the salespeople! Walk into a store, and you find those wonderful, employees of the month by the door being paid to give you a "welcome". Here it starts. I had better be on my best behavior to get a hello! Oh no! A half (more like quarter) hearted welcome, I must be a real piece of garbage. Well. I should be thankful for the welcome I got, after all, customers like me deserve to be ignored.
If you can't find what you need, you have to bother someone to help you. Oh, the humiliation of having to ask someone who is getting paid to serve you for service! ops: After the indignation of asking for and receiving some semblance of assistance, the awkward moment of payment occurs. You humbly bring your items to the cash register. Darn, the check out person is on the phone. I hope they don't mind putting down the phone to accept my money. Oh good! They are going to check me out while they continue to carry on that all too important conversation with their friend! I am glad I wasn't an inconvenience to them. Paid. Receipt in bag. Ready to go!
Hmmm..was I a good enough customer to warrant a thank you? After all I did not interrupt the phone call. I handed over my money as politely as I could. I smiled. I did all I could to let everyone in the store know what a privilege it was for me to do business with the store. I was as good a customer as I could possibly be. Nope! No thank you! Darn! I really need to be a better consumer. I really need to learn how to spend my money in a more polite, courteous manner!


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