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ADA uses a two part substrate system. I like that system very much and am trying to find a way to emulate it for commercial purposes.

A base layer of Power Sand (pumice, peat, etc.) is used to provide a long-term, semi-organic nutrient storehouse where nutrients are made available to the roots and recycled. Over it, 3-4 inches of Aqua Soil (a baked clay) is used. Aqua Soil comes in three different colors meant to resemble different biotopes.

Some good qualities of Aqua Soil are that you don't pre-wash it, it softens water (careful if you have soft water to begin with), is porous and provides excellent exchange between the substrate solution and water column, resists compaction (especially with Power Sand underneath), provides some nutrients and adequately holds plants down (unlike Turface or Profile).

Anyway, I would use Power Sand even if I was using Flourite, Eco-Complete or Florabase.




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