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Originally Posted by blazeyreef View Post
cool cool. Im hoping to get away with my mere 6 gal haha. and yea like ive told you before im down in the provo area all the time. Lots of friends at byu provo. Love the area, thinking about transfering down there!
you'll be fine with that lol..
ohh yeah! You should by and check out my job, Animal Ark in Orem. Im a morning manager there.
Originally Posted by NeonFlux View Post
Tanks lookin' good, Ebi! Cool rack build.

Btw what kind of lightings are you using on those small tanks?

Right now I have 24" HO Coralife t5 fixtures with 65k bulbs..
I plan on selling those and tossing a 48" strip of Finnex LED's eventually
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