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here's another updated but mixed review of Pacific on Delancey.

so far I've gone twice and both times bought nothing. (rare for me)
$25 for eco-complete and $21 for flourite is pretty high for Chinatown.
their wood and rock assortment is nice, but prices are equally inflated.
they first led me to believe they get their live deliveries Sunday,
but coming 2 Mondays and all I see are near empty sickly tanks.

I tried to bargain them down on a $40 plastic ornament that has
gone unsold for over 2 Months, they were too proud to come down,
or maybe I need to be Asian? who knows.

Pacific sell a lot of juvenile fish nearly the same price they sell
grown in other stores. I guess that's good if you have a nano.
a $2 panda cory that goes for $4 when fully grown is no bargin.

anyway, since LPS in NYC are pretty disappointing, then I guess
Pacific is definitely among the better ones, just make sure you
call a few times to be sure they have the fish you want freshly
stocked before bothering to visit. It's a good place to buy
large schools of fish, like $2 Rummynose IF they are in stock,
and most school fish; there if you buy 2 you get the 3rd one free.

If you live in NYC and have a car, it really pays to drive out to
FishTown USA on Northern Blvd. dry good prices are high, but
their live fish and plants are the best I've seen in all 5-Boros
they generally get restocked every Wednesday/Thursday in time
for the heavy shopping traffic over the weekend. Fishtown also
has '3 for 2' and '2 get 2nd half off' deals on fish and plants.

I also visited Petco at Union Square to get more red claw crabs.
they always have interesting well displayed live fish at low prices.
it's also fun to walk around the outdoor farmers market like a tourist
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