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very good info, thanks! i think what i did was too involved:

1) float the bag, but open the bag first, drop some prime in, then use a clip to clip the bag to the side of the tank so it'll stay floating and the bag water stays out of the tank

2) after the bag is tank temperature, do my weekly water change. the 20 percent water that's in the bucket now? dump the bag with fish and bag water all into that bucket.

3) wait 30 minutes so the fish get used to that new tank water with that old bag water still around in the bucket.

4) net out the fish and plop 'em in the tank.

I did 4 neons from an LFS like this last week after being in a bag for an hour, all 4 happy and healthy still. But seeing as how ten CPD are incoming this week via 2-3 day shipping, I'm just going for this immediate drop and plop idea this time around!
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