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You're misunderstanding. Google Ads are targeted based on a number of criteria. They don't always use the same criteria. That specific ad is geo-targeted to different geographic locations around the country. You're getting worked up over nothing, as the site doesn't determine which specific advertisers get to come through. Though, the administrator can block ads from specific advertisers as they pop up.

You aren't being targeted. That's a bit of an overreaction. It's your geographic location that matters. once your region has hit its fill/magic point/number of eyes seen/clicks/whatever their criteria are, it'll probably disappear in your region. Again, nothing to do with the site and everything to do with the ad service.

Vertical Scope didn't approve that Democratic Party ad. It was served by the company they're using. That's how web ads work. You don't pick and choose every ad you allow when you use something like Google AdSense.

You aren't being forced to do anything. I made a suggesting that ad blockers are great if you don't want to see ads. It's up to you if you install one. It's also up to you whether or not you click on an ad or ignore it.

Unless you disable all cookies, all temporary internet files and browse the web anonymously, you're being tracked. By all kinds of websites, ad services, internet service providers, et al.

If anyone has an issue with a specific ad, click it (sometimes you can right-click to get the destination URL without having to fully click the ad) so you can get the URL and then send a message to forumadmin with the URL. If it's political or offensive, they can block it. Short of that, we're all beating a dead horse.

P.S. I, too, think anything other than aquarium-based ads are pointless here. Vertical Scope should try to work to receive better targeted advertising. These car and cat food ads don't get any clicks from me. But some ads for an aquatics retailer probably would.
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