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Done more research, editing this post:

Do you have any PAR data on the Ray-2 30"?

I know it has the same number of LED's as the 24", but spreading them out over an additional 6" probably impacts the PAR a decent amount.

Also do you have any data of the light loss through a standard 1/4" glass cover? The % loss will change greatly depending on the LED spectrum, i'm most interested in the 7000k data though. I'd suspect about a 10% PAR loss through those and probably closer to 20% on the 10000k LED's, but i'd like to confirm that since it is just theoretical right now.

I'm trying to set up a 36g bow front with no CO2, so I want to keep the light levels low, but I don't think the fugray will provide enough light after going through the glass cover, but i'm not sure if the Ray-2 will provide too much light and cause uncontrollable algae blooms.

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