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Updates : May 25

Updates : May 25
Its been almost 4 months since I have setup this tank. So far so good. I am really happy with this tank. It came out nice. My lights worked perfectly (experiment successful). I am trying a lot of new species that I never kep before. Everything is good. Spirogyra is the only problem that I have since 2 months. It spikes whenever a fish dies and go unnoticed. It has something to do with dieing fish. Maybe ammonia spike ? And later, a few regular water changes with excel dosing, and its gone !
With the commencement of summer break, I seriously dont have much to do so I end up changing the water everyday Again all the tests and dosing stuff everyday. I like it.
So now to the photos.. I have added more species to the tank. It seems almost like a museum of plants
Here are the photos-

True Rotala sp sunset. Thanks to Tom

Tonina fluvatilis 'lotus bloom'

Lotus bloomimg-

Polygonum kawagoeanum. This plant has a very bad habit of losing lower leaves. But still I love this plant.

This plant has some mental sickness. LOL. Never grows straight. Rotala mini butterfly

Syngonanthus belem. This plant is growing amazing for me. i love it. Makes me feel proud

Birds eye view-

Its all about texture baby

Towards the end of the photoperiod -

Normal rotala and type 2-

Desparately looking for rotala type 1.

Wanted himself to check CO2 levels

He inspects everything- On Erio seiboldianum

Erio erios everywhere

finally got some A. R. mini

Now some updates on the inhibitants -
Boraras brigittae are loving their stay in my tank. They are showing more darker color.

Rachel has sent some wonderful Clown killies. Epiplatys annulatus

Males have some amazing colors on their tail. And they flare to the other male.

Top view-

And just after 2 days of putting them in the tank, the female is blessed with fries. I could spot only one as the tank is simply a jungle of moss and floating plants. I hope there are many more inside

* a bloodworm for size comparison.

Got some wild tiger shrimps too

Hypoptopoma gulare aka Giant otocinclus. Right now they are in my hospital tank. They are quite big. I am still not able to decide if they would be a good addition to my tank or not ! But anyways, they are so cool. The love eating hikari alage disks.

Got some amazing Endlers and guppies from a very reputed breeder. He calls these "Japan Hybrid"-

With Ludwigia senegalensis

And some endlers-

And a FTS at last

And 2 of my creations-

And here's a new kinda cool shot. I like it -
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