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Golden Bees have now been obtained! Yay!

Arrived through the mail and were so stressed they looked like orange neos...

My drip acclimating set-up

Them being settled in and colouring back to what I hoped they would be *whew*:

and here is the tank as it is today. I have trimmed it a bunch and it looks much neater... and I used my trimmings as a filter media for my breeder box filter L-O-L

Future plans: get taiwan bees/michlings for my birthday and find a sponge filter I can use to fit into my breeder box to have it actually running as a breeder box rather than a ghetto HOB filter.

Been looking into poret foam 4" cube filters ( If someone could recommend me a mini/micro sponge filter that can fit into a marina HOB breeder box (large) perfectly I would love to hear it.

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