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Thanks for the info, matt13. I feel bad for not knowing that. I would have taken her out if I'd known I needed to. *sigh* I will remember it for the future though!!! I hope to keep some of the fry in a larger tank.

The tank was originally designed for shrimp (my BKK disaster, they all died over a five month period for no reason I could ever discern). So the tank has ADA Aquasoil, lots of mosses, floating plants and a big chunk of needle leaf java fern. As soon as I realized I had free swimmers I began dosing the tank with the baby shrimp food I had on hand. I used that for the first three days until the BBS hatched. And I kept using it along with the BBS until last week when I switched to powdered earthworm. I think they're big enough that I'm going to start trying frozen daphnia.

The fry are 4 weeks old today and really starting to look like fish. They have completely stopped schooling and the dad has given up herding them (though he still aggressively challenges anything that intrudes into the tank, like my hand to trim plants or the BBS net when I feed them).

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