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Lightbulb DIY Ruins Question

So, while I was lying around trying desperately to get to sleep last night....I had an idea (a dream?) for the new planted tank I want to make.

I have a 5-10 gallon tank in with my stuff to move at my house in PA (moving to TX) and I know I want to do it right - learning from any mistakes I make with the 3 gallon I started up just recently. I've been toying with a few ideas of how I want to do it, and I came up with one that I am wondering if I can actually do.

So I was thinking...what if I built a castle ruins for one side of my tank? I was thinking of getting a rock tile something like this:

and just cutting it to fit the shape of the broken down walls I want.

But then I wondered. Could I just get individual stones and use silicone or super glue gel to build the walls myself? So I could get exactly the look I wanted? Would that be safe for my tank?

Any thoughts on this are welcome. Keep in mind the only other things I know that will be going on with this tank is:
- It will have plants
- It will have a good full substrate
- It will have a HOB planted filter
- It will have water
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