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I am familiar with cpu/gpu liquid cooling, that being said most "contact" surface areas are copper, or plated (nickle/chrome/gold) copper so not at all wanted for a invertebrate tank. But in liquid cooling cpu/gpu's all the heat that gets transferred into the water is then pushed through a radiator generally (have seen inefficient waterfall style evaporation cooling) Again this will not work since other hard metals would be introduced from the flux and tubes. A way around this is using a separate loop with a heat ex changer for the fluids you want separate, so fish water would go into this area where a piece of metal would transfer the heat to the other side where that water would be being put through a radiator fan setup.

But from what I read in your post it sounds like you are looking to hook a metal pipe up to a canister setup and then attaching an air heat sync. A more efficient method would be for the pipe to be custom constructed with multiple fins and to house the fan/fans on the fins to blow/suck the air over them. Again you are faced with the selection of metals, which for pc cooling you want best thermal performance(copper) but for this application you are looking for the least reactive to water for your faunas health, this information I do not have. I know boats use nickle on their underside to help prevent the water from destroying the main metal, but I do not know if it is bad for inverts.

After a quick google search it seems most aquarium chillers are made with titanium, but I do not know how well it transfers heat(would require another search), and all the chillers seem to be phase change units (condensers). Other than simple fan setups to blow on the water (advanced evaporation cooling)
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