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Week 8 update:

Still battling algae in both tanks, but I can tell it's gotten significantly better over the last few weeks...hopefully the tanks will be algae 'free' in a few more weeks. Both tanks at this point have a few amanos, cherries, otos, and MTS.

Wood tank: Crypt parva has melted away for the most part, hoping they'll come back soon. Only a few stems of rotala arcuata made it through the algae onslaught, so I added some rotala indica as well.

Stone tank: Oto pair had a bunch of babies. I've counted 20-30 of em of various sizes (and ages I presume) remaining, and I know I've lost a bunch more to water changes/filter maintenance. Atleast something good came out of the algae battle!

WEEK 8--after trimming and water change
Click image for larger version

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OTO FRY--5 in this pic
Click image for larger version

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