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Ok, here goes: Tank's been running for 3 months.

25 gallon tank (24L 13 W 19 H)
Aqueon dual T5 fixture (runs 2 67k NO bulbs). I was running the lights for 10 hours, I recently reduced down to 8 with a siesta during the afternoon.
Excel dosed daily 3 ml (also started this week).
Flourish comprehensive dosed once a week after water changes, root tabs in the substrate.

Everything was going well until I left for vacation for a week. I've had diatoms forever, but a manageable amount. Just before I left, I trimmed a lot of my stem plants that were growing well, but crooked. I had a timer on my lights, and didn't feed the fish. When I came back, at least 70% of the plants had what looks like either hair or stag horn algae. I trimmed off the stuff on the stem plants, but the anubias and java fern still have quite a bit.

I can get out the good camera tonight and take a picture. My iPad takes the worst pictures ever.
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