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Algae Problems

Originally Posted by MamaFish View Post
I've been battling algae (some kind of thread or stag horn I think) in my 25. I trimmed most of it off my stem plants, but my anubias and java fern have a lot too. Obviously the grow so slowly that I would rather not cut off the affected pieces. I've started dosing excel daily, but is there a better way to remove it? Can I scrub or dip the plants in straight (or diluted) excel?
Hello M...

Excel is pretty powerful stuff and if you have other primitive plants in your tank like mosses, Vallisneria and ferns, they might be damaged.

More plants is a good way to control algae. Aquatic plants are a more complex organism and use the added nutrients in the water more efficiently than algae. I used Brazilian waterweed (Anacharis) in my tanks when I had a problem with "hair" algae. This plant thrives in water with higher levels of nitrogen and potassium, the same as algae.

I also got some "Ramshorn" snails. These little guys are second to none in eating all forms of algae. These natural methods may take longer to do the job, but by using them, you don't have to worry about reactions to harsh chemicals.

Just a suggestion, you're the tank keeper.


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