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Originally Posted by TroyVSC View Post
Considering the fact that I haven't heard anything either, I am not sure why it is crap.
Yet many like Razorworm and Hoppy have used the Black Diamond blasting sand and have not had problems.

Quote from Razorworm - I have a 40 low tech dirt tank capped with Black Diamond. It has 10 very healthy Sterbai Corys in it ( as well as 14 Otos and 6 Bosmani Rainbows) . The Corys love rooting around in the sand and there is no problem with their barbels. The misconception here is that the Black Diamond grinds or somehow erodes their barbels. The fact is, poor water quality and dirty tanks are the cause of barbel problems.

Just realize that I got this at Northern Tool + Equipment. They are only in the South East Coast.

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