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Heh heh heh.. Its pretty easy.... (note: all prices listed in Canadian dollars)

1.) Go to your local Walmart (or waterbed sales outlet) and purchase a waterbed fill kit. This is the same type of valve that the python comes with (also the most important part!) Approximate value - $5-6

2.) Go to your local hardware store (Home depot, Canadian Tire, etc) and purchase a replacement end fora garden hose (threaded brass piece with a flanged tube for the "hose" to attach to) Approximate value - $2

3.) From the same hardware store purchase your desired length of transparent PVC piping (I purchased 30 Feet) Approximate value - $0.45 per foot

4.) Purchase a Gravel Vac from your local fish store, try to get one that your hose will be able to attach to (I had to modify mine using a large grade piece of tubing to conect the vac to the main hose for the python)

5.) Connect the tubing end to the brass garden hose replacement end (following the supplied directions).

6.) Connect the other end of your tubing to your Gravel Vac (a little creativity is required here, I will post pictures)

7.) Following the instructions provided with the waterbed fill kit, connect it to your faucet.

8.) Screw in the brass hose end replacement to the waterbed fill valve - Voila!
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