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Nice thread. I'd like to contribute these meds I have researched myself. I used some of those before.

Sera Bakto Tabs
Diseases: Dropsy
Comments: Pls carry out treatment once any of the dropsy symptoms(protruding scales, bloated abdomen and pop eyes) appear.

Sera Baktopur
Ingredients: acriflavine, methylene blue, phenylglycol, aqua purificata ad
Diseases: Septicemia, Dropsy, Fungus, Columnaris, Fin rot, Mouth rot
Comments: It is best to use it only in the quarantine tank as it can harm the beneficial bacteria. This can be ineffective once the fish has reach the final stages of dropsy or if it has scales already pineconing or protruding. Dosing is done by 22 drops/1ml per 5 gallons.

Sera Baktopur Direct
Diseases: serious bacterial infections, septicemia, dropsy
Comments: This is a very effective medicine and may harm your biological filter. So when treating, try to treat the fish in a hospital tank. One tablet is equal to 250 mg per 20 gallons.

Sera Costapur
Diseases: Ich, Costia, Chilodonella, Trichodina
Comments: It is very effective against ich.

Sera Cyprinopur
Ingredients: dihydroxybenzol, ethanol
Diseases: external parasites, spring virosis
Comments: This medicine is sold in bulk as it is designed for ponds, however it can be used in the aquarium to treat diseases and external parasites like camallanus, anchorworms(Lernaea), fish leech and fish lice.

Sera Mycopur
Diseases: fungus (Saprolegnia) and skin and gill flukes

Sera Omnipur
Diseases: Bacterial infections, fin rot, fungal infections (Saprolegnia, Achlya), skin slime (Costia, Chilodonella), Trichodina, Oodinium, gill and skin flukes (Dactylogyrus or Gyrodactylus), skin injuries and wounds.

Sera Oodinopur A
Ingredients: Copper sulfate
Diseases: freshwater and saltwater Oodinium
Comments: It's best not to use it in a tank containing invertebrates. Pls treat the fish in a separate tank. This is not to be used in a Saltwater Reef Tank. When using this med, pls switch off protein skimmers and ozonizers.

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