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Fish treatment quick guide

In searching for a diagnosis for my fish pooping white...I ran across this and it may be helpful to some in a pinch...


External Parasite


Ichthyophthirius multifiliis & Trichodina & Ichthyobodo &Tetrahymena
Salt, formalin, malachite green, other commercial products, inc. temp.

Gill flukes, skin flukes
Copper, malachite green, formalin, others

External protozoa, flukes
Malachite green and formalin, others

Velvet (dinoflagellates)
Antiparasite medication, salt, copper, inc. temp

Fish lice, gill maggots
formalin, potassium permanganate, metriphonate, other commercial prod.

organophosphate, manual removal and then dab with antiseptic

Larval stage of digenetic fluke parasites
organophosphate, other commercial products

Internal Parasite


Hexamita & Spironucleus
Metronidazole, other commercial products

Blood parasites
If flukes: praziquantel, others difficult to treat

Nematodes (roundworms)
Use of appropriate anthelmintic drug, eliminate IM host, remove dead fish, piperazine

Spiny-headed worm
Appropriate anthelmintic


Digenetic flukes
Difficult to treat, praziquantel

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