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Easier macro dosing

Pondering some solutions for easier macro dosing... The water pump dosing works great, but still, trying to simplify things further...

Has anyone ever thought of using a little (maybe clear plastic) container, filled with say a weekly dose of macros and water, placed into the tank, with a little hole (maybe adjustable opening) through which the higher concentrated solution will diffuse into the tank, over the period of a week or two or whatever?

Possible downfalls of that...

Adjustment - could be dependent on surrounding water circulation, that is, in an area of higher current the nutrients would get sucked out of the container quicker.

Different solubility of chemicals - maybe KH2PO4 dissolves much easier than K2SO4, so you would have spikes of different nutrients throughout the dosing period?

Maybe one could use glass tubes, like used for testing, fill them up with the powder, and use a stopper with a hole, and watch the powder disappear over time... hmmmm... gotta play with that...
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