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Figured I'd join in and show my tanks. Gotta try and liven up the Canadian part of this forum. :P

Really like your guys' tanks. Always jealous of other peoples tanks. lol

The first tank is my 20g long. Just re-did it today. Was completely overrun with hair algae and BBA. Was neglected for awhile while I was studying/doing finals at school.
Houses some RCS, neon tetras, a pleco, ottos, khuli loaches, and way too many celestial pearl danios.

The second is plain 5g breeder for even more celestial pearls. lol

The third is my Fluval Edge. Used to love this tank the most, then with exams and how annoying the tank is to do absolutely anything in, its just been left to grow and do whatever it pleases. Some pygmy cories, more RCS, and a few CPD's are in here.

And, saving the best for last, my 10g shrimp tank. Have some super tigers, CRS, and some RCS in here. All the female RCS are currently berried but, nothing going on with the CRS and the super tigers are still juvies.
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