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Originally Posted by Vira View Post

Oh and not to pick on you, but your comment is a good example. If I rephrase this to "I would rather spend my time enjoying a baseball game, going to the park, the zoo whatever than playing with a fish tank." How would you look at this? I would say...Ok that's your hobby and your thing. Right? I don't think that putting a point in shoot meant for quick pics is in the same league or purpose as a pro camera. Different mediums and different tools meant for different jobs. A hammer vs a screwdriver.

Yep, you are right. I can't fathom all the money and time my wife spends on purses and sarees(dresses) and she can't understand my tank hobby.

That's why my next post was that I am biased.

If I can explain a bit better. If your hobby is photography then click away, you are having fun and good for you.

But it is not my hobby and I would rather spend time having a vacation, for example, than trying to document it. I think many other people would benefit from this approach, especially those the OP referred to--point and shoot types like me.

Anyhow, no offense intended, a hobby is a hobby and that is really all the explanation anyone needs.

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