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Originally Posted by lnk View Post
Hoppy - I like the look of those plants. Do they grow and spread like that or do you have to buy a a whole bunch of them?

Any suggestions on good algae eaters? Im starting to get an algae problem.
I bought a lot of plants so I could start a "carpet" and not have to wait so long for it. They do send out runners and "thicken" the carpet, but at the light level I have, they don't seem to grow as high as S. subulata is noted for, which is great.

Algae can be triggered by several things, including inadequate CO2 and other nutrients for the plants to be able to grow as fast as the light drives them to. Imperfect tank/water/filter cleanliness can also trigger it. Algae eaters never do keep up with the algae growth.

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