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Assassynation - thanks! For filtration I have a eheim 2217 and 2213. They have worked great so far.

Merrit1985 - thanks for the plant suggestions I will look into those. As for the non aquatic plants, I bought all of them at my local fish store so I would be pretty pissed if they weren't actually aquatic plants! Im disappointed that the green and white plant wont make it. It looks cool. How long will they last if they aren't aquatic? They have been in there going on three weeks now. I know the really tall plants in there grow in aquatic and non aquatic environmnts . I had them in my paludarium and they grew everywhere like weeds! It would actually grow up out of the water which was pretty cool.

Hoppy - I like the look of those plants. Do they grow and spread like that or do you have to buy a a whole bunch of them?

Adamson - the tank was put on its side and then the rocks were siliconed onto the glass with aquarium safe silicon. Looks cool, but makes the tank crazy heavy!

Any suggestions on good algae eaters? Im starting to get an algae problem.
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