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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Make sure you promote them here in your sponsor sub-forum and target them to the shrimp keepers. Seems like you actually take advantage of your forum and could use it to hit those niche markets for newbie shrimp keepers.

Sera kits are going to be a big hit with those who grow tired of API and other less than accurate products on the market. My philosophy: why pay $7-$10 for a GH kit that's nigh impossible to read (API) and whoa inaccurate when you can spend $10 for something you know will work and is used by other experienced hobbyists (Sera)? No-brainer for me.

The large glass test tubes are an added bonus. Anyone who is reading this and plans to jump on the Sera bandwagon - get ready. You are going to be in love with those tubes. Only takes a couple swirls, no shaking, easy to clean, more sturdy. And you can store your reagent bottle inside the tube when not in use.
I'll definitely be promoting them when they come in. I don't personally have any experience with the Sera test kits, but you can bet I'm going to hijack 1 of each and try them out. I'm less than thrilled with my current collection of API tests.

Originally Posted by hedge_fund View Post
You need to get rid of the free shipping from your site or people will just order one kit at a time lol
Sigh, hopefully. The reason I'm still doing free shipping on every order is a technical issue. My current shopping cart software has an issue with being able to calculate shipping correctly. It's a small, relatively new company that has a lot of great features (It's GREAT for SEO and has some other neat features, like automatically scouring the web for my competitors' prices on products I carry/import) but it was designed primarily for auto parts websites, and charges shipping each time a new product is added to a customer's cart. I have to offer free shipping for all orders or the shipping charges get out of hand quick. It's a matter of losing some money on some orders or crippling my sales.

Anyways, I'm stuck with the current free shipping scheme until they can make the changes to their software. I'm told it should be within the next month or two....

And people already abuse the free shipping deal. I would if I were the customer. But I admit, it does kind of push my buttons when I get an order for a $6 bag of Barley that ends up costing me about $9 after my cost and shipping charges lol.
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