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Originally Posted by darkestsky View Post
Which tests would you most like to see? I have an order getting ready to ship to me in the next couple days that I need to replace some things on. Here's what I can get and what I can sell it for. I don't have access to many of the refill packs yet.

gH $9.95

kH $9.95

pH $8.95

nitrite $11.95

nitrate $11.95

iron $17.95

copper $12.95

magnesium $24.95

magnesium refill (3 pack) $18.95

chlorine $9.95

ammonium/ammonia $13.95

oxygen $14.95

calcium $14.95

calcium refill (3 pack) $7.95

phosphate: $13.95

silicate $19.95
I would purchase the Nitrate one since I need it.

You should probably get the generic ones: nitrate, nitrite, ph, kh, gh, ammonia...maybe even the phosphate or copper (for the shrimpers).
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