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Re: Show me your Spec!

Originally Posted by CuriousAmerican View Post
Don't let the naysayers stop you.

Yes, they will NOT school, but they will shoal.

If you listen to the advise of half these fish experts, anything below 40 gallons should only house shrimp or 1 betta.

If you had them six months, I am sure they are okay.

The whole nano tank subculture is going to be putting fish in tanks smaller than the experts would suggest; but the fish seem to do well. Don't worry about it.

If you are worried, buy a betta. My sister kept a betta for three years in a 1 gallon vase.

I am sure the neons are living longer than they would have in the wild.

If you feel guilty, buy some scarlet badis, but even there AqAdvisor suggests 10 gallons, even though scarlet badis are smaller in length than neons.

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