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Thanks all for info & help. Already learned a lot & still not sure exactly how this will end up being configured. I really like driftwood & fish. I thought about setting it up for mudskippers for a while but brackish water would be pretty limiting on plants & tank mates. I'm looking at some large manzanita wood from Manzanita Burlworks. If that works out the setup will be built around the wood, probably with dart frogs & some fish.

I'm looking forward to this project but still have to find a home for my Discus first. They cost a bundle & the good venders sell out every month but I haven't found any one that wants any of them for a reduced but not a give anyway price. Guess a give away price is where I'll end up. Here's a link to a video of my fish. As nice as I believe this paludarium can/will be I will miss them.
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