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I'll try to keep this short....but having plant problems again.
My rangeri sword which has never done well, is doing worse. Holes/brown spots on leaves(new or old) and black algae growing on them. Broad leaf has also never done too well is no longer growing, and has always has a 'wrinkly' look to the leaves. My red melon sword has actually done very well at times is looking sickly with leaves dying, wrinkling a little, and black algae on it. The crypts have a bunch of algae on them, but no change with them. They always have a wrinkled look, but I think they're supposed to. The only plant doing well still is the rotala. Also have alotta green/brown algae on bottom

Dosing seachem's flourish, trace, excel, and potassium. Have 11 fish, and 4 amano shrimp. 20 gal tank, with two quiet flow pumping 200gal/hr. temp 77. Par at about 50-55. Lights are on 4hrs, off 2hrs, and then back on for 4hrs. Was running 1 bubble every 4 seconds with my DIY Co2 and diffuser which I've had off for almost a week now. No change in anything from that.

Only recent change I've made is adding the second filter. As always, any help is much appreciated!
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