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my exp at Preuss's

after their opening in the new store i decided to take a cruise up to the store.
i bought a 65 watt coralife colormax CF bulb.
about 5 months later my bulb burned out. i called them and explained that i didn't have a receipt or any real proof i bought it there < but i did >
so they told me to cruise up and they would work something out...
i figured ... 50% off a new bulb or something.

they gave me a new bulb for free.

i took it home and it didn't work.

called them and they were willing to bend over backwards to make everything right for me. including shipping me a new bulb for free.

preuss is about an hour away from me.

me and the wife were looking forward to go back to preuss's to yet again get a new light for free.

lets see you get that service from an online vendor. i look forward to driving an hour to visit them again.
i like being able to hold the harware im buying at least once... so if we all continue to buy everything online that option will disappear. that doesn't mean you should have to pay out the nose for stuff. just talk to them they are great people and have a ton of knowledge. something you can't get at most online wholesalers.

just my two cents worth... ok well about a quarter

Marco Marzigliano
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