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Cheers dprais1 for the reply and real people giving me advice is much better then no advice and maybe one day I can share what worked for me.

Thanks for explaining the CO2 bottles, I also did read people try to keep there batches going for 2-4 weeks and some even months, so I originally thought changing the bottle each week would not give me much fluctuation, but at the beginning of this thread, I was using 1tsp yeast , 2 1/2 cups sugar and like mentioned the yeast would of eat through the sugar real fast and the alcohol could of killed the mix or it was just dyeing out to quickly by the end of the week.

Now I am doing 1/2 tsp yeast 2 cups sugar, co2 is slower, but hopefully now its more stable, I made the mix Sunday and it was 1 bubble per 2 secs and its still the same.... but like you say if I'm around 50% I know your not 100%, neither am I, but say 50% is 15ppm CO2, I really want to be around the 25-30ppm to get faster growth rates?, so maybe another bottle is a good idea, its a shame a drop checker don't measure ppm accuracy, how accurate is the PH/KH chart? If the chart is not accurate, how will I determine to much CO2? fish gasp? I will do some research on it once I posted this encase no one knows of by hand. I do run an air stone at night.

Thanks for the info about organics, all I know is since the start of this thread my algae problem is 80% less than what it was,so I can only thank you again for everyone's input..... I guess all the following has helped me... I removed all decaying leaves, infected leafs, rubbed all the algae off healthy leaves, added 3 oto's and lowered my light period from 10 to 9 hours and adjusted my co2 mix to a longer mix and leafs are growing more now with out getting infected, I also added 8 Marimo Balls, 2 stems of blyxa japonica.

Also dprais1 I did a light vac on my gravel but I started to see Ammonia problems... the reason I did light vac as you mentioned is because people who plant there tanks said there shouldn't be any need to go deep... + I also added root tabs, but in the end I went back to a deep vac and it helped a bit, (Ammonia gone now) but I'm still not sure what's best, I think most of my root tabs have been vacuumed up now . I am heavily stocked for fish so maybe I should stick to deep vac and try get root tabs under the plants rather than beside them.

Sorry for the essay, and if anyone can help with my lighting which was mentioned earlier that would be great, and I also am thinking maybe in the future sometime, I might change out my normal black gravel nothing special, and replacing it with eco-complete to give my plants more of a extra boost, + I like the look of eco-complete, more natural than my black shop gravel. How much does a plant gravel help compared to a normal gravel, in mind I am dosing EI so I presume eco-complete would benefit root feeders the most?
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