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Originally Posted by KenP View Post
I have 25 in a 1.25 gallon tank and 60 in a five gallon. There are times when there is little activity and others times when many are swimming about. At one half inch a few more will not hurt. They are very active when being fed and I believe many videos are taken at that time. How often do you feed them? Do you have any snails? I think snails are useful. 10 MTS type snails would be fine. I also use the honeycomb rock in my 5 gallon. The more hiding places the more they seem to hide. My 1.25 is more open and active.
Thanks for the reply. I currently don't have any snails, tho I have been considering it due to algae. I do feed them homegrown spirulina algae every few weeks that I feed my cichlids. A few jump on it, but not all. I was wondering if the powdered form might cause more activity?

I'm thinking I may add another group, and if its still barren in the tank ill remove some rock. Does anyone have any recommendations for a source? The best I found through user Rob was some aquabid sellers for about 1.30 per shrimp, which was pretty good. But cheaper is better.

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