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so the aquarium controller came in yesterday... a raspberry pi

now i just need to learn electronics... I'm planning on a dimmer and timer program as my first addition. I've a gertboard, as well, that should make things easier as it comes with a DAC, which is needed to utilize the 0-10v protocol of the LED lights.

the timer will be wired into a a prebuilt power switch I'll probably need a few of these to handle things like the co2, heater, lights, etc. For now the co2 and light will come on at the same time. perhaps as I get more comfortable with electronics I'll just get a relay board to toggle multiple relays off the same main.

I am a wee bit away from realizing this part of the project. I still need soldering, and electronics equipment. multimeter is up first... i'll begin by playing with the gertboard digital to analog conversion program and testing outputs to see what sort of amp i need to add to get the appropriate 0-10v's.
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