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Hawaiian Red Shrimp always hiding

Hey everyone. I had a question for those of you that have kept opae ula/Hawaiian red shrimp. I currently have 20 shrimp in a 3 gallon cube. My main issue is they rarely, if ever, show themselves. I have 2 fist sized pieces of honeycomb rock in the tank, and they spend all their time inside it. I've seen videos of opae tanks where the shrimp are highly active and mobile. Swimming around, etc. Mine seem to be painfully shy.

As far as water params, I'm at 0 ammonia,nitrate,nitrite, 7.7 ph and 1.013 salinity. I dont think its a water issue, as most have colored up nicely and ive found several molts in the tank. Tank has been up for 2 months with the shrimp, so I would have thought they wouldn't have settled in by now and become more active.

My only thought at this point is I have too few shrimp? I've thought maybe adding more would bring out some better behavior, but I'm reluctant to spend more money when I can't get this group happy. Thoughts/opinions would be appreciated!

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