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Cheers for the help Smeagol and Jojoba

I will get working on adding a second bottle to my mix then during the weekend, I also mentioned my mix is at 2bps in the bubble counter, what I meant to say was 1 bubble per every 2 seconds lol.

Also Smeagol, do you have both 2l bottles connected to a bubble counter and if so do both co2 lines go into your bubble counter or do you have both bottles connected to a t connector then into the bubble counter, if you use a bubble counter that is. I was thinking it would better just to have both bottles connected to a t-piece then the line into the bubble counter if that makes sense.

Jojoba if I have med/high light I would be over the moon lol, but I must say I doubt it to be the case I have tried so many carpeting plants, and just have no luck... can you tell me how you worked it out if its not to complicated, you say Hoppy's chart which I looked at, says high light is 50+ par, I went to the chart and looked at Hagen Glo 24" as it didn't have the 18" it says at 15inch depth its a par of 60 if I'm correct? then I went down and it says T8 bulbs, and that puts me around 40par, so does that my mean my par is around the 40ish+ as my bulbs are 6700k and 18000k, my lights also do not say PAR on them only the LUX and Lumen so I cant check

Like I said I presumed my lights were not very good, so I spent hours of research looking for upgrades and in the end hit a dead end, so then I tried to learn a bit about bulbs, and a lot of people said Power-Glo and Life Glo, had the best red and blue spectrum in the Hagen series.

Also its a double ballast so one light cant be turned off I'm afraid, I have lowered my light from 10 hours to 9 and adjusted my co2 mix but I guess its still early to see any difference, I read it can take a lot of patience to see changes so everything has to be done slowly, I was going to opt for a black out for 3 days but in the end just lowered my light period, I am thinking of maybe going down to 8 hours, how much is a difference going from 10 to 9?
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