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Originally Posted by Jafooli View Post
Cheers Jojoba, I did take a read on that a while back, I presumed I would need a Par meter so I kind of found it complicated as I cant work out my par.

I just know a lot people dislike T8's, I am probably the only person on here who still uses T8's lol, so that's why I presumed low lighting and also my tank is a tall tank at 15inch depth If I remember correctly.
Yeah, it according to Hoppy's chart you're most definitely high light (his scale is 50 PAR+) or by another guy (his name escapes me but he has a pirate for a logo, not too dissimilar from Captain Morgan) you have nearly high light (his scale is high light starts at 80+ PAR). At any rate, it seems your algae are going to be having the time of their life! Maybe drop down to one light for a little while and see how that fairs. The planted tank guy at my LFS consistently raves about how CO2 is waaaaaay more important to growing plants than lighting.
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